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"Rural Refuge"

"Rural Refuge" in times of Covid

Isn't it amazing that during these times of lock down and separation from others, we've received such a picturesque sunny, snowy winter.

I venture out almost everyday on foot or snowshoes and travel throughout our vast treed property and beyond. My destination is always this beautiful scene, traveling down the hill and reaching the glorious babbling rapids. Sitting in the snow amongst the brilliant red dogwoods, I sense peace on earth!

(posted on 1 Jan 2021)

Happy New Year means so much more to me this year than it ever has in the past. I’m excited for a new beginning for all of us! 

I’m ready to plan for getting new works that have been inspiring me in my mind, to make it to the canvas. 

Last spring as new growth was appearing in our country side, I spent many hours walking through our bush on the farm and contemplating and noticing the colourful vegetation surrounding me. From the interesting fallen ash trees to the sumptuous mosses, I was searching for uplifting signs, and they appeared all around me!

As we all make the most of this “ winter  lockdown “, I’ll be busy in my studio recreating the subtle colourful and invigorating scenes still so vivid in my mind.

Happy winter!

(posted on 24 Dec 2020)

Hello everyone,

Christmas Day is fast approaching. Luckily my gallery is in my home and I am available to place any painting that you’re interested in on the porch for you to view.

Just call for an appointment, I’ll be available for your convenience.



(posted on 20 Dec 2020)

It’s been a busy time at the Gallery!

I still have time for you if you’re looking for a special gift.

I’m available after hours as well, just give me a call and I’ll be happy to show you my work šŸ˜Š 519-870-6519

Gift certificates make a great gift for a future purchase!

Merry Christmas  šŸŽ 

(posted on 17 Dec 2020)


Christmas is coming soon!

If you're looking for something that will last through the generations for that special someone, there's lots of new original paintings and archival prints available at Creamery Road Gallery.

Located at 34607 Creamery Road, Ailsa Craig, ON

Just contact me at 519-870-6519 and come and have a look while enjoying some treats of the season.

Receive a complimentary 5-card gift packet with every purchase!

For painting options and pricing, Look further on this website,

Cheers for a Merry Christmas!

I'm pleased to be involved with an online auction starting November 10th in support of the Blythe Festival Theatre in the beautiful town of Blythe Ontario. 

This original acrylic painting named "Rise Up" Measures 10" by 10". 

 It depicts the vast and gorgeous countryside which surrounds the Blythe Festival Theatre.

I invite you to Rise up and support this special cause!


(posted on 15 Aug 2020)


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Thank you Angie at the Currant in Parkhill ON for the opportunity to show and sell my art! It has been an amazing and successful experience working with you! 
Good luck to you and your business in beautiful Ipperwash beach, Lambton Shores!

I have moved my art to my home gallery and have available many prints and new originals!
Just give me a call for an appointment if you would like to come and see a potential heirloom gift for your loved one ā¤ļø 519-870-6519

(posted on 30 Apr 2020)

Good morning everyone,

I hope you're staying well at home and keeping a positive outlook on life!

I've been fortunate to be able to spend lots of time pondering over painting and creating. Sometimes it's tough staying motivated I must admit. I find my underlying mood creeping into my work. I'm trying to let what comes out onto the canvas become a clear reflection of how I'm feeling and to just let it be.

In my recent painting " Oblivious Optimism",  the mood I'm feeling is evident in the background and throughout the textures placed on the gnarly old willow tree. Notice the happiness you felt when you saw the Red breast of the Mother Robin, the warmth of her nest and those amazing Blue eggs!

We don't need to feel despair, only hope! If God will see to the needs of a robin, of course he will look after all of us!




"The Pathway to Lavender" 

Because so many have enjoyed my River Birch series, I have created another one.

This newest painting is a scene of beautiful river birches inspired by the grove across the road from my home. The eye is softly led to an area of subtle wild blue lavender, bringing you a sense of peace and tranquility.

This painting shows my longing for a happy scene in times of world turmoil due to the Covid 19 Coronavirus outbreak.

"The Pathway to Lavender"

Inquire about this work

This large original acrylic painting measures 30" by 48", painted on a contemporary 2" deep gallery wrapped canvas.


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