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It was a joy to experience Fran’s paintings at the Ailsa Craig art centre recently, each piece unique, beautifully composed and painted! Her afternoon class on Design and Composition is highly recommended. Her wealth of knowledge in painting and life in general are shared with grace and enthusiasm. Thank you Fran!!
Betty DeBrouwer - 4 May 2022
Your class at the ACAC was very informative and fun. I enjoyed the fellowship, I am excited to pay attention to your advice on color and techniques and tools. Your paintings are more beautiful in person.
Susan Mollard - 3 May 2022
I attended Fran’s workshop on Design and Composition at the Ailsa Craig Arts Centre and I learned more about art in one afternoon than I’ve gathered over years and years of visiting galleries! Fran clearly described the elements of design by using examples from her own work, as well as from fashion, home decorating and gardening. The afternoon was informal, interactive and fun! Thanks so much, Fran!
Alex Harkins - 22 Apr 2022
Thank you all for the wonderful comments about our full day workshop together. I knew everyone would produce an amazing piece of Fine Art, and you did!
Fran Roelands - 8 Nov 2018
Every day I look at the painting I created in your class and think "wow, I did that!" Thanks for bringing out the creativeness in all of us Fran. Loved your workshop!
Betty Thuss - 8 Nov 2018
Enjoyed an amazing full day of art class with Fran. After telling us her interesting story of how she was inspired to become an artist, she took us step by step to help us each create our own unique individual painting. She told us that we were each going to create a "Master Piece", having very little experience in art, I didn't believe this was possible at all, however in the end I was very surprised at how beautiful our paintings actually did turn out. Fran you truly are a very talented artist and I have always admired all your work, thank you so much for sharing some of those talents with us along with your patience and kindness! It was a wonderful day!
Linda Donkers - 30 Oct 2018
Thank you, thank you, thank you! What an amazing day Saturday was, I truly enjoyed your workshop Fran. Having very little experience I was some what nervous and maybe a bit anxious to take part in your painting workshop. Those worries were quickly put to rest as you began the class. Your instructions took us step by step through the process, that along with your encouraging words and suggestions helped us create our own special piece of art. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us!
Nancy Beenackers - 29 Oct 2018
I really enjoyed the recent paint day that you instructed Fran! Your knowledge, down to earth manner and patience and really impressed me. Every one's painting was amazing and different. I'm inspired to get my brushes and paints out to create more works of art!
Betty DeBrouwer - 29 Oct 2018
I have admired your art for a long time Fran, and have wanted to learn some of your techniques. I think I am always fearful to try my hand at painting because I am afraid (and I know) the results won’t be what I picture in my mind. I just like to be “good” at what I do but I also know your talent has been honed by years of hard work and I can’t expect those kind of results without the work. I very much related to how you are inspired by the beauty of nature around you everyday. I see your trees and fields and barns and skies and cows in every season too. It was very liberating to learn how to reflect light, choose a colour pallet and begin to see it all come to life on canvas. You said we would love what we created and I do! The whole day was fun!
Joanne Michielsen - 29 Oct 2018
Fran, my sisters and I (along with a few friends) really enjoyed our workshop/paint class on Saturday. I am amazed that I actually walked away with a nice piece of art. We really did learn a lot and as beginners you did an amazing job taking us through the process. Love your style, your work and your willingness and talent to share that with us. It was a great day!
Mary Wiendels - 29 Oct 2018
So enjoyed your paint instruction workshop...had a fun day. Everyone's painting was unique and beautiful! Learned how to create light and life into a painting.
Jenny Sangster - 29 Oct 2018
The paint class that you instructed for our group of amateurs was excellent and inspiring. As a group, we were able to learn the artistic techniques together but still create our very own individual painting. Thank you again for a most enjoyable day of learning.
dorine de koning - 29 Oct 2018
Like a dream looking at your beautiful paintings. The reds are gorgeous... actually your paintings are exceptionally wonderful. Brings back some warm memories . Poignant. Stunning colours and scenes . What pleasure to wander into your paintings. Thank you. Wish you were showing near Montreal.
Elizabeth Cameron - 13 Oct 2017
Hi Fran, I enjoyed reviewing your many art works... They are so awesome... I can hear you saying some of those captions you have included with them, and seeing your great smile while you were writing it. I am truly appreciative for receiving one of your pieces, "Our Native Land" presented to me from the Creamery Road Neighbours and friends in memory of Jerry.
Mary Morley - 13 Jun 2015
Your dedication and hard work over the years have rewarded many of us with your wide range of beautiful paintings.
Irene Scott - 6 Apr 2015
Fran, so glad my fellow church members told me about your site. I had no idea you had so many. I love mine and every time I look at it I am reminded of what a great neighbourhood I live in.
Linda Wasnidge - 1 Oct 2014
Do love your work: subjects and colour. Great!
Mary Simpson - 14 May 2014
Love all your stuff sis.. keep it going :)
John Donkers - 17 Nov 2013
I already enjoy having two of your watercolours in our home and love your art work. "If I were a rich man....." :)
Barb Shipley - 22 Aug 2013
Beautiful paintings Fran! I must check them out in person sometime soon.
Darlene McBride - 2 May 2013
Wow, great art work Mom!!!
Bridgette Fleuren - 17 Apr 2013
Great paintings Mom!! The website looks awesome!
Annette de Wit - 16 Apr 2013
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