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Like a dream looking at your beautiful paintings. The reds are gorgeous... actually your paintings are exceptionally wonderful. Brings back some warm memories . Poignant. Stunning colours and scenes . What pleasure to wander into your paintings. Thank you. Wish you were showing near Montreal.
Elizabeth Cameron - 13 Oct 2017
Hi Fran, I enjoyed reviewing your many art works... They are so awesome... I can hear you saying some of those captions you have included with them, and seeing your great smile while you were writing it. I am truly appreciative for receiving one of your pieces, "Our Native Land" presented to me from the Creamery Road Neighbours and friends in memory of Jerry.
Mary Morley - 13 Jun 2015
Your dedication and hard work over the years have rewarded many of us with your wide range of beautiful paintings.
Irene Scott - 6 Apr 2015
Fran, so glad my fellow church members told me about your site. I had no idea you had so many. I love mine and every time I look at it I am reminded of what a great neighbourhood I live in.
Linda Wasnidge - 1 Oct 2014
Do love your work: subjects and colour. Great!
Mary Simpson - 14 May 2014
Love all your stuff sis.. keep it going :)
John Donkers - 17 Nov 2013
I already enjoy having two of your watercolours in our home and love your art work. "If I were a rich man....." :)
Barb Shipley - 22 Aug 2013
Beautiful paintings Fran! I must check them out in person sometime soon.
Darlene McBride - 2 May 2013
Wow, great art work Mom!!!
Bridgette Fleuren - 17 Apr 2013
Great paintings Mom!! The website looks awesome!
Annette de Wit - 16 Apr 2013
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