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Good Morning everyone,

After two sold out sessions, I am pleased to announce that more spaces have been made available for my design class on Saturday April 30th from 1-5 in the afternoon at the Ailsa Craig Arts Centre.

If you are interested, Please email me at or text me at 519-870-6519 and I will try to arrange to get you on board!


Here is a brief description of what to expect to learn in my class:

I will be teaching the principles and elements of design. 

In a fun and interactive way you will learn how to personalize your own art and speed up the learning process. I will also discuss design elements in your homes and landscapes and touch on choosing a meaningful wardrobe! I will show you how to easily create your design and prepare a roadmap to success!

Through various examples, I will help you to understand what makes a good design work. Whether it’s observing a painting or choosing a home interior colour scheme, I will demystify the process. 

Open to all ages, this Design talk is approximately 4 hours long with lots of time for observations and question and answers. 

Bring a camera, and a note pad. The coffee will be on!

The cost is $20.00 per person with $5.00 from each participant going back to support the ACAC.

In preparation for this class, check out the design attributes feature on my website accompanying each painting. You’ll get a “head’s up” of my design process!

If you’re excited to learn more about increasing your creativity, this class is for you!