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As we reach the end of February the sun is becoming warmer and warmer. The trees are subtly changing, turning their bark to warmer tones and pushing through small tips of a bud. I love watching and anticipating the changes as we enter towards the new life of the spring season!

As I complete new works, I plan to add design and composition attributes that make each painting work visually and emotionally. If you're into painting yourself or are interested in knowing why a particular piece speaks to you, check in on my blog entries and in the information under each image. I've decided to add this feature for some teaching tips and added knowledge.

I would love to see you add an entry in my guestbook if you found this information interesting and informative. It would also help future viewers tap into this invaluable knowledge to help resolve their own painting dilemmas.

Cheers, Fran


Compositional attributes for Rural Refuge:

This painting was designed with a high key,warm colour dominance. The viewer feels the warmth of the sun in every area. The value contrasts are sharp and intentional. The viewer feels invigorated and excited as the eye travels slowing throughout the composition taking in all aspects of the scene. The red dogwoods shine in all their glory, overlapping the creek, claiming dominance over the scene.There are little deviations where the eye can travel into little nooks and crannies, leaving you to imagine what lies beyond the treed background or where the creek will lead you.