Fran Roelands-Creamery Road Gallery
Fine Art that is Modern, Meaningful and Uplifting

Original painting Prices

Original Paintings on Canvas, approximate Pricing:

Small $200.00-$450.00
10” by 10” by 2”
10” by 20” by 2”
14” by 19” by 2”

Medium $500.00-$800.00
16” by 20” by 2”
18’ by 24” by 2”
24” by 24” by 2”

Large $900.00-$1600.00
24” by 36” by 2”
30” by 48” by 2”
36” by 48” by 2”
48” by 48” by 2”

Some points to consider:
-If you’re unsure if a certain painting will work on your wall, you are welcome to take it home and give it a try. Also, If it's difficult to choose a painting for someone else, a gift certificate is the perfect option.

-If you are in love with a piece, I will be happy to set up a payment schedule if you wish.

-This is a general guideline for pricing. Prices may vary among different pieces due to their demand or extra costs for Gallery commissions. Some pieces have a frame which will also vary the price.

-If you have purchased a painting in the past, mention it to me and I will give you a collector’s discount on future purchases 🤓

Archival Giclee Prints are available to order in any size for specific paintings.  I no longer carry a large inventory of prints in my Gallery but I would be happy to give you a quote if you're interested in a print of a certain painting. My watercolour paintings printed on canvas have made a huge resurgence due to their luminosity and "urban barn" feel.                                                                                                    

If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you.