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'Rise and Shine"

In my new body of work named " A New perspective", I decided that the exuberance of the roadside New England Aster needed to be included!

In the fall they shout out "look at me" with their shining yellow centers. During the pandemic lockdowns, I've spent many roadside runs admiring these beauties!

Design attributes:

Here's a lesson in complimentary colours working together. The purples and yellows create an instant impact with their discords, bluish greens and peachy corals adding the interest to make this composition work. Notice how I drew the viewer to the focal point? This is also a lesson in the use of values.

'Rise and Shine"

This recent original acrylic painting measures 18" by 24" by 2" and is painted on a gallery wrapped canvas.

It will be on display and for sale at my Solo Exhibition in Ailsa Craig ON at the Ailsa Craig Arts Center from opening Day, March 26th till April 22nd.