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"Time to Fly"

Have you ever noticed how beautiful and silky the seedpods of a mature milkweed plant are? In the fall these weightless beauties drift gracefully through the air where ever the winds will take them.

Design Attributes:

Look at the complimentary colours at work! From the deep and moody variations of crimson in the sunrise to the earliest light on those vibrant warm greens, these colour tones together really create a punch!

Also notice the distance created by sending the warm marshy vegitaion back towards a bluish tone and the earthier red colours are muted and indistinguishable. The eye naturally wants to check out what's in the foreground because of the lightest values in the milkweeds but then eventually can't help but travel to that thrilling emerging sunrise :)

"Time to Fly"

This original Acrylic painting measures 24" by 24" by 2" and makes it's debut at the Christmas open house at our Conservative MP, Leanne Rood's Constituency office at 65 Front Street Strathroy, ON on Friday December 3rd from 3-6PM.

I will be showing my latest works on these beautifully pewter painted walls, I hope to see you there!