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(posted on 30 Jan 2019)


                                                                "Coming in for the Catch"

During these cold winter months it's nice to stay toasty warm and create works that remind me of our summer months!


(posted on 29 Oct 2018)


 Hello again to everyone,

The spring and summer have flown by and now we're feeling the breezes of winter fast approaching.     




I have just recently had the pleasure of hosting a full day painting workshop for a wonderful group of women. As you can see, they did an amazing job, well done ladies!

Along with the knowledge of design elements, each of these ladies came home with a beautiful and personal work of fine art! Most had never painted before and definitely had never had the opportunity to create with professional brushes, paints and an artist level canvas. What a difference quality makes!

Our day was full of laughter and learning and I was happy to share technical advice and pass along artistic tips from my many years of painting experience.

Check out the wonderful comments in my guestbook. I am so thrilled that it was such a pleasurable day out for everyone! 


Cheers, and enjoy the sun,






(posted on 29 May 2018)

Good morning,

Here we are at the end of May, and beng in the farm community, I can see the hustle and bustle of spring planting season is almost behind us! The greenery is so lush right now!

I've been extremely busy with bringing paintings to two new locations near by, one is at "Smackwater Jack's Tap House" a happening Bar and Eatery right beside the water in Grand bend ON and the other is "The Current" a fascinating historic General Store in the heart of Parkhill ON.

Come and visit these locations anytime, just enquire at the desk if you wish to make a purchase!

Enjoy this amazing summer weather!




(posted on 21 Apr 2018)

Good morning,

I must say, I'm not used to the blogging world but I felt the need to tell everyone how wonderful it is to have so many inquiries and continued interest in my work!

I have been painting and selling a lot, which is keeping me hopping!

Due to the many requests for me to return to florals,  at the moment I am working on an instalment which is a 10 canvas puzzle measuring 36" by 66"!

I'm recruiting my handy husband Matt to mount these canvases so they can be hung securely. This work will be amazing in an entrance or on a feature wall in your home or business.


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