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I’m gearing up to be involved with a Christmas Openhouse in Strathroy ON this year! I was fortunate to have one of my paintings chosen for Leanne Rood’s 2022 calendar showcasing artists from her Lambton Kent Middlesex Riding.

Come and see the Artists and their Art and enjoy Christmas goodies too!

  • Join us for coffee and Christmas cookies.
  • Christmas-themed colouring activities for the children.
  • View local artists' work who will be featured in our 2022 Calendar.
  • If you are able, please consider bringing a donation for our local foodbanks.

Hope to see you there!

(posted on 19 Nov 2021)


"Time to Fly" 

Have you ever noticed how beautiful and silky those milk weed seeds are? In mid fall these beauties just shine!


Design Attributes:

Look at the complimentary colours at work! From the deep and moody variations of crimson in the sunrise to the earliest light on those vibrant warm greens, these colour tones together really create a punch!

Also notice the distance created by sending the warm marshy vegitaion back towards a bluish tone and the earthier red colours are muted and indistinguishable. The eye naturally wants to check out what's in the foreground because of the lightest values in the milkweeds but then eventually can't help but travel to that thrilling emerging sunrise :)


"Time to Fly"

This original Acrylic painting measures 24" by 24" by 2" and makes it's debut at the Christmas open house at our Conservative MP, Leanne Rood's Constituency office at 65 Front Street Strathroy, ON on Friday December 3rd from 3-6PM.

I will be showing and selling my latest works on these beautifully pewter painted walls, I hope to see you there!


(posted on 14 Sep 2021)

It was a wonderful weekend for the artists on the Grand Bend Studio Tour and of course all of the art lovers touring around! 
Thank you to Janette Baillie for your great organization of this event!
My location was at the Cottage Cafe on River Road , an excellent and busy eatery... absolutely friendly, bustling and delicious šŸ˜‹ 
Thanks for all of the interest in my work and the sales, I’m so happy for the visits with everyone!
Thank you to Jay and Sandra for their purchase of “ Bird’s Eye View “ 
They will be placing this large piece in the hall of their home in London.

I’ll be setting up my home Creamery Road Gallery again on 34607 Creamery Road near Ailsa Craig. 
Give me a call for coffee and a visit!
My website is constantly being updated if you wish to check it out for the latest news and straight off the easel new works!


"Bird's Eye View" 

We have a neighbourhood hawk that is spotted from time to time surveying surrounding farms for appetizing prey!

He is majestic and stately. I admire his stark look and peering disposition. As I painted the valleys and hills of a farm down the road, of course I imagined this beautiful hawk at his post! Can you spot him??


Some main design attributes:

The entire painting is unified by a colour palette of three main colours: Prussian Blue, Nickel Azo Yellow and Quinacridone Burnt Orange.

A vibrant underpainting consisting of a complete colour spectrum subtly shines through this composition, adding to it's dimension!


"Bird's Eye View"

Fresh off the easel, this large original acrylic painting is just released for sale at the Grand Bend Studio Tour coming up on September 11th and 12th, 2021!                                                                                                              

It is painted on a canvas and measures 48" by 60".

It is a grand addition to any home or office.

I'd love for you to come a visit me! I have many new original paintings and archival prints of all sizes and tons of greeting cards for sale.

I'm located at The Cottage Cafe 71 River Road, in the Marina district, formally Smackwater Jacks.

(posted on 6 Jun 2021)

A huge thank you to Dr. Wm Thorpe for your 35 years of service to the Municipality of North Middlesex. I thank the community of Parkhill for your purchase of this meaningful original painting for Dr. Thorpe's retirement. This painting is named "Sunny Disposition" and is so appropriate as Dr. Thorpe embarks into a new chapter of his life with his wife and family!

As we reach the end of February the sun is becoming warmer and warmer. The trees are subtly changing, turning their bark to warmer tones and pushing through small tips of a bud. I love watching and anticipating the changes as we enter towards the new life of the spring season!

As I complete new works, I plan to add design and composition attributes that make each painting work visually and emotionally. If you're into painting yourself or are interested in knowing why a particular piece speaks to you, check in on my blog entries and in the information under each image. I've decided to add this feature for some teaching tips and added knowledge.

I would love to see you add an entry in my guestbook if you found this information interesting and informative. It would also help future viewers tap into this invaluable knowledge to help resolve their own painting dilemmas.

Cheers, Fran


Compositional attributes for Rural Refuge:

This painting was designed with a high key,warm colour dominance. The viewer feels the warmth of the sun in every area. The value contrasts are sharp and intentional. The viewer feels invigorated and excited as the eye travels slowing throughout the composition taking in all aspects of the scene. The red dogwoods shine in all their glory, overlapping the creek, claiming dominance over the scene.There are little deviations where the eye can travel into little nooks and crannies, leaving you to imagine what lies beyond the treed background or where the creek will lead you.

"Rural Refuge"

"Rural Refuge" in times of Covid

Isn't it amazing that during these times of lock down and separation from others, we've received such a picturesque sunny, snowy winter.

I venture out almost everyday on foot or snowshoes and travel throughout our vast treed property and beyond. My destination is always this beautiful scene, traveling down the hill and reaching the glorious babbling rapids. Sitting in the snow amongst the brilliant red dogwoods, I sense peace on earth!

(posted on 1 Jan 2021)

Happy New Year means so much more to me this year than it ever has in the past. I’m excited for a new beginning for all of us! 

I’m ready to plan for getting new works that have been inspiring me in my mind, to make it to the canvas. 

Last spring as new growth was appearing in our country side, I spent many hours walking through our bush on the farm and contemplating and noticing the colourful vegetation surrounding me. From the interesting fallen ash trees to the sumptuous mosses, I was searching for uplifting signs, and they appeared all around me!

As we all make the most of this “ winter  lockdown “, I’ll be busy in my studio recreating the subtle colourful and invigorating scenes still so vivid in my mind.

Happy winter!

(posted on 24 Dec 2020)

Hello everyone,

Christmas Day is fast approaching. Luckily my gallery is in my home and I am available to place any painting that you’re interested in on the porch for you to view.

Just call for an appointment, I’ll be available for your convenience.



(posted on 20 Dec 2020)

It’s been a busy time at the Gallery!

I still have time for you if you’re looking for a special gift.

I’m available after hours as well, just give me a call and I’ll be happy to show you my work šŸ˜Š 519-870-6519

Gift certificates make a great gift for a future purchase!

Merry Christmas  šŸŽ 

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