Fran Roelands-Creamery Road Gallery
Fine Art that is Modern, Meaningful and Uplifting


Hello Everyone, Spring is in the least for today and tomorrow!

I have something really exciting coming up next month. It's a design talk at the Lambton Heritage Museum in Grand Bend ON. in the afternoon on Saturday April 13th.

I hope you'll join me as will give lots of info, tips and problem solving issues that I have learned throughout my artistic career.

Below is an outline of the will be fun and interactive...bring a pad of paper and a pen!


Fran Roelands - Acrylics painter

Creating works that are “Modern, Meaningful and Uplifting”

Let me take you on a fun and interactive journey to your artistic potential on my road map to success.

I will speak about the principles and elements of design and how to incorporate them into your work. Learning this valuable material will change your life as an artist and help you to tell your own amazing story!

Learning design elements to create a dynamic composition is a life long skill that will help you to achieve amazing improvements in your art.

You will understand the foundation of what makes a great painting work.This knowledge will help you to problem solve with a clear vision going forward. 

I will show you the steps of how to find that perfect subject and give you a checklist of design elements so you can fearlessly create that wonderful piece of art!

After this course, you will unbelievably “see” your new world for the very first time!



Ive been extremely busy and have created two new works!

"Sunny Disposition"


"Diamonds in the Rough"