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"Likin Them Lichens"

We are surrounded by a mysterious natural world and if you're not watching, it might pass you by. This is a micro view of lichens growing on some decaying logs in our bush lot. If it wasn't for the variations in eye popping colour, I likely would never have noticed them. And what a "find" it was! The more I looked, the more I found! The next time you're out for a stroll, check out the trees, almost every one has some cool yellow or blue lichens on it!

Design attributes:

This painting's dominant design feature is texture. Notice the roughness of the log and the colourful lichens. There are carefully placed smooth clear blue lichens that are different. They hog your attention and give your eyes a place to rest.

"Likin Them Lichens"

This original acrylic painting measures 16"by 20" by 2" and is painted on a gallery wrapped canvas.

It will be on display and for sale at my Solo Exhibition in Ailsa Craig ON at the Ailsa Craig Arts Center from opening Day, March 26th till April 22nd.