Fran Roelands-Creamery Road Gallery
Fine Art that is Modern, Meaningful and Uplifting

Original paintings and Archival Print Prices

Original Paintings

As an experienced artist, what was once a passionate hobby has turned into a fun and interactive business.

From the moment of inspiration, to the many hours of design planning and composition, with my paint brush I have poured my heart and soul into every painting. I hope to create works that are MODERN, MEANINGFUL and UP LIFTING.

Below is a guideline of my original painting prices.

Some points to consider:
-If you’re unsure if a certain painting will work on your wall, you are welcome to take it home and give it a try. Also, If it's difficult to choose a painting for someone else, a gift certificate is the perfect option.
-I have a collector’s discount for anyone who has purchased an original painting. You are entitled to receive a 15% discount on all future purchases of original paintings, for ever!
-I understand that buying an original painting is a big investment. If you are in love with a piece, I will be happy to set up a payment schedule if you wish.
-Most hang my work as is, but some prefer to match their surroundings with their own framing.

Original Painting pricing, ready to hang.

Small $200.00-$450.00
10” by 10” by 2”
10” by 20” by 2”
14” by 19” by 2”

Medium $500.00-650.00
16” by 20” by 2”
18’ by 24” by 2”
24” by 24” by 2”

Large $800.00-$1500.00
24” by 36” by 2”
30” by 48” by 2”
36” by 48” by 2”
48” by 48” by 2”

Pricing for Archival Prints, ready to hang.

I am fortunate to have an Artist/Photographer, who has an amazing attention to detail, prepare my archival prints. His professional craftsmanship is worth every penny. 
We share the same vision…only offer the very best heirloom quality paintings to my customers for many generations to enjoy!

Here is an example of my pricing for prints done on canvas with a depth of 2”, otherwise known as a ready to hang Gallery Wrap. These prices may vary due to changing framing costs.

The sizing of my paintings are unique, as each painting is quite interestingly different. 

10” by 20” by 2” - $200.00
19” by 24” by 2”-  $315.00
22” by 28” by 2”-  $425.00
30” by 38” by 2”-  $525.00
36” by 48” by 2”   $650.00

Printing can also be done on Acid Free Watercolour Paper which can be matted and framed with glass. Contact me if you would prefer this option for pricing. The cost is generally 25% higher than canvas when completed.

If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you.